Monday, May 11, 2015

Argh, what to write.

The 2015 story so far:
  • 1800 people drowned this year so far in the crossings (Africa to Europe).
  • The UK's electoral system has given the Tory government a free-hand to dismantle, among other things, the human rights act with wrecking-ball Gove. 
  • Theresa May can continue her anti-immigrant, anti-human and deceitful stance on most things, supported by her prime minister
  • The EU is being even more stupid, if that was possible, by wanting to somehow, not even God knows, attack targets in Libya to halt smuggling operations.
  • Cameron makes sure that just because his boat (ahem, Her Majesty's Ship) is being used to pick up destitute asylum seekers doesn't mean they have any recourse to applying for asylum in the UK. Better bill them for any urine, excrement or vomit deposited on deck. I think the going rate is £50, if I recall the signs in the London cabs.

In the next exciting chapter of 2015:
  • The people decide they have had enough with politicians and the system, so they establish their own government by the people, for the people. Unlikely, because people don't co-operate much. Or are being bombarded with fearful messaging and 'control your own' destiny scenarios.
  • Rampant capitalism is dismantled, somehow.. possibly only by collapse: we live in hope.
  • Aggressive, but not violent, disruptive protest is held in London and other key locations, real or imaginary. Some protest may happen, but I think the small pockets will be violent and not have any long-term positive effect. Online organization may just end up being a feel-good exercise with no real change.
  • The UK and/or EU attack anything that looks like a wooden boat or rubber dinghy on the Libyan coast line, or actually shoots boat loads of migrants (Katie Hopkins will be really happy with that). Doesn't matter if this is military action against a vaguely sovereign state, it's what we do. After another attack on a passing civilian ship yesterday, Libya is clear that it is in a fighting mood.
  • Add that to the global dis-ease and we're looking at a lovely end-of-year party, fireworks and all. Russia, China, Libya, Japan, NK, USA if a Republican wins, and on and on and on.
Good night, and good luck.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Got jabs?

Perhaps we have become inoculated against shock. Just yesterday I wrote about reacting positively to negative news, instead of distancing ourselves. Maybe we feel impotent in doing anything about it. Maybe there is too much need.

This morning's Times of Malta front page has a photo, with blurred-out face, of a two-year old's body washed up on a Libyan beach. Face up, fully dressed with trousers and a jacket. A non-survivor of Monday's tragedy. Did his parents drown with him, or are they still looking for him? Someone will know soon enough, but few will ever care.

We can fund the LHC so we can accelerate an atom to the speed of light to see what it does when we then smash it, but we can't find €120 million per annum to rescue people in The Med. We can't find the political will to help those fleeing war. We decide which wars to end and which to start based on how well these wars suit our needs. We definitely don't want the even greater cost of accommodating people in our own countries once we've rescued them.

We send space ships to planets and comets billions of kilometers away to find trace elements of water and maybe the origins of life, but the very life before our eyes, those lives being destroyed, we will not do anything for them. They've simply been dealt a bad hand in life. Our cosmic interest is far more important than the well-being of those around us.